Company History And Background

Sipes … is the trademark of quality paints in the Arab World, and the pioneering company of paints manufacturing since its establishment five decades ago.

Sipes was introduced to the Egyptian market in 1989. Only to become the leading manufacturer of paints, which is also available in the markets of Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria and Sudan.

Sipes products include a large variety of construction paints like water borne (emulsion) finishes, acrylic pigmented sealers, plastic and super plastic emulsions for Interior/exterior, fine texture coatings for decorative finishes, alkyd base finishes, special effect finishes, wood finishes, multi-purpose coating effects, and heavy duty coatings.

Sipes is keen to become the leading paints manufacturing company in the Middle East; it’s our expanding Research and Development facilities and continuous personnel-training programs stand witness to our clear sense of purpose.

Customer satisfaction is vital to the success we seek in our markets.

Sipes model factory located at the 10th of Ramadan city is proud of its highly trained professionals in the field of paint industry.

Working on state-of-the-art technological equipment to put together the best products that particularly suit the needs of our clients, and the environment in which they operate.

SIPES… Continuous development bringing lasting confidence…