About Oikos

In 1984, from the enthusiasm and passion of four young people with the determination to start a company of their own, Oikos was born. None came from a background of family business, nor had any related experience, but each one of us wanted to do something new. We started with a small shop, dealing in color schemes and household supplies, but we soon realized that there simply were not enough products on the market capable of meeting the changing needs in the field of interior and exterior finishes, of décor, of plasterwork. Classic examples showed us the way, and our first products were Venetian stucco and velatura. From that moment until today, Oikos’ path has been a continuous evolution that has brought us to redefining the very concept of material. From the beginning, the unique characteristic of our production method has been our attention to the ultimate well being of the users, of the people living in spaces with Oikos finishing, and to our products’ impact on the environment. For this reason, we invested heavily in researching non-toxic formulas that were, at the same time, able to guarantee a different effect from lime paints, traditionally presented in extremely limited color ranges, that were hazardous to the health and the environment. Today, our brand is a benchmark for the whole market.

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